I thought to be a trend setter you had to create something new or create one’s own style but most that seems to be going on is the opposite. Instead of people taking something whether its old or new and adding a few pieces to creating their own style to be different or stand out they seem to be just running to join the crowd. When is it cool to go out and see at least 5 dudes in basically the same outfit, the shoes may vary or the watch or belt but its the same shit Also isn’t it tacky to go out and see the girl next to you in the same see through gown over a bathing suit or in even in the same bathing suit. Did you all get a big discount when it was bought in 6’s or is this a movement or team thing? If so I get it but not for every single event come on I think you all can do better.


Crop top, halters, t-shirts, jeans and skirts are a lot cheaper for girls. Which means there is more that could be bought to experiment and create something fashionable and new. Men clothes I must admit clothes cost way more Jordans, Toms, Nike Zoom Huaraches and boat shoes you see every time you look around what’s the matter with loafers, Radii’s, Supras and many other styles of sneakers.


Is the need to fit in so paramount that subconsciously its seeping into even the way you dress? I know to stand out or go right when your friends are going left maybe a hard thing to do, but ask yourself this do you want to blend in and not be remembered or do you want to be unique and admired for your courage and strength. To try something new takes guts and a strong personality but I think for me I rather be that person not for the attention or fame but because no two people are the a like. I have my own opinions, mind and way I do shit so it will be emitted through the way I dress.

Hmm I guess being your own person and having your own identity is becoming a thing of the past.



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